Pause, Reflect, Create

JustDump - a note taking app
January, 2024
JustDump is a note taking app that allows you to quickly jot down your thoughts and ideas.

The concept revolves around the idea of 'dumping' your thoughts without worrying about organizing them making it as frictionless as possible to record the moment.
SeekJob - a 'CRM like' job application platform for job seekers
November, 2023
SeekJob is a job application platform that allows you to keep track of your job applications.

The goal is to make it less stressful to apply for jobs and make it easier to remember where you've applied and what the next steps are.
Comma Scrape - scrape a website, ask for insights
September, 2023
Comma Scrape is an AI powered web scraping tool that allows you to ask questions to a website in a ChatGPT like interface.

The tool scrapes the initial website all subsequent hyperlinks on the page. Utilizing a RAG system, the system efficiently retrieves the most relevant information from the web page and digests it using an LLM.
Comma VC - A directory for all European VCs
July, 2023
Exur - a CRM for B2B insurance brokers
March, 2022
Exur was a CRM that helps insurance brokers manage their clients and deliver higher quality service.

Powered by several governmental databases, Exur was able to provide real-time information about your clients assets. Our calculation engine served policy recommendations that ultimately gave better coverages.